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Article 82. Abbreviation of Resolutions of the General Meeting of Establishment


1.  In the situation where an incorporator has made a proposal concerning matters that are an objective of the general meeting of establishment, when all of the establishment shareholders (limited to those which have the right to vote concerning the said matter) have indicated agreement via documentary or electromagnetic means concerning the said proposal, the said proposal shall be regarded as a resolution of the general meeting of establishment that has passed.

2.  For a period of ten years from the date that there was the deemed resolution of the previous paragraph, the incorporator must store the document or electromagnetic recording at the place determined by the incorporators.

3.  The establishment shareholders  can make the demands listed hereunder at any time within the time period determined by the incorporators :

(1)     The demand to view the document , or demand for copies thereof.

(2)     When the matters of the previous Paragraph  are prepared in an electromagnetic medium, the demand to view that indicating, based on matters determined by Ministry of Justice ordinance, that  recorded in the said electromagnetic medium of the previous paragraph or demand copies thereof.

4. After the incorporation of the kabushiki kaisha, a member of the parent corporation of the said kabushiki kaisha, when necessary in order to exercise its rights, with the consent of a court, can make the demands listed in the items of the previous paragraph with respect to the documents or electromagnetic recordings of paragraph 2.



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